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N4,800 witnesses are necessary - Dominic Ayine
President John Mahama’s legal team has defended its decision to call 4,800 witnesses to testify in the in the NPP’s election petition at the Supreme Court challenging the results of the 2012 polls.

According to a member of the legal team, Dr. Dominic Ayine, the 4,800 witnesses are expected to give a proper representation of happenings on the Election Day across the country.

President Mahama is meanwhile also praying the Supreme Court to order the petitioners to further provide detailed particulars on the more than 4,000 polling stations where election irregularities allegedly took place.

Dr. Ayine told Citi News, the decision to call that many witnesses is “based upon our proper assessment of the petition that they have filed. If they are claiming that infractions occurred in 2,600 polling stations and we had two agents each at the place, it’s simple mathematics.”

“We had two agents each at the polling stations, what do you think? Do we call somebody from Ledzokuku to come and give evidence on something that happened at Zuarungu polling ce